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Going Green
Energy Saving and tips in the Southern Hemisphere:

  1. Face as many Windows and doors towards North as possible.
  2. Afternoon sun is very harsh and bright. Be mindful of this when planning an infants room or T.V room.
  3. Thatched roof houses allow more ventilation than conventional houses. In the Highveld or cooler areas, this may be disadvantageous. Thatch is a good ventilator in warm areas.
  4. Design your buildings with as much insulation as possible. The long term cost savings are huge.
  5. Skylights in passages and dark rooms pull in light and heat.
  6. Use energy saving bulbs everywhere. Security and flood lights are also available with energy saving bulbs.
  7. Fit day/night sensors and override switches onto outside lights.

Environmental tips:

  1. Never dispose of batteries in your usual waste bin - they are a ecological nightmare.
  2. Fit mosquito nets over your windows in bedrooms
  3. Place a "bat box" in your garden - bats are mosquitoes nightmare.
  4. Turn the thermostat on you geyser down to 55d.c
  5. Don't wash paint brushes or the contents of tilers buckets into the sewer drainage system.
  6. Slow down water run-off wherever possible.
  7. Issue you servants with oil cooled thermostatically controlled heaters - better alternative to burning a 2 plate stove as a heater.
  8. Never discharge storm water into gullies.
  9. Gas hobs are a feasible alternate.
  10. Learn how to service your water taps.
  11. Turn off all your water points and check if meter still runs - if yes, call plumber to fix underground leak.
  12. Ensure you have battery backup power to garage doors and driveway gates.
  13. Keep freeze packs in your deep freeze.
  14. Laminated glass is a good security feature, absorbs sound and cuts out some U/V light.